Monday, January 22, 2007

Bio-psychosocial-Spiritual (BPSS) Assessment and Mental Status Exam (MSE)

[Episode 2] This is the second part of a two-part lecture on diagnosis and assessment. In the first episode I reviewed the history of the DSM and the multiaxial system. In this lecture, I discuss the Bio-psychosocial-spiritual (BPSS) assessment as the means for providing context for the client's presenting problems. I discuss the purpose of each of the four life domains and how the information is used in social work practice. Emphasis is placed on solution-focused approaches to assessment. I end with a brief description of traditional format for organizing observations about the client - the Mental Status Exam.

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Khan said...

Hi, this is an enlightening talk. I am looking for the BPSS diagram and its citation please

Derek Neilson said...

Thanks Jonathon. I enjoyed this summary. Derek. Social Worker. Private Practice. Australia