Monday, December 1, 2008

New RSS URI for the Podcast

ALERT: The server that I use to host the Social Work Podcast has changed the name of the server. The RSS feed for the podcast is now The old feed URI was: I have alerted iTunes and the feed should be updated by December 3, 2008. The feed has been updated in Feedburner. If you use subscribe to the podcast using a program other than iTunes, please change your feed to

UPDATE December 7, 2008: iTunes has not yet updated the podcast. The last podcast listed on iTunes is my interview with Shaun Eack, Ph.D. about schizophrenia. If you are an iTunes subscriber, please listen to the podcasts from the site or right-click to download to your computer. The subsequent podcasts will be included in iTunes once the RSS feed update has been resolved... which I hope will be soon. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE December 19, 2008: iTunes has updated the podcast. All feeds have been updated. Thanks for your patience.



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Pylgrym said...

Jonathan Singer provides a Croesus-sized wealth of very useful information about the many aspects of the very important field of social work. He does so with tight and timely interviews and commentary. He is a very effective podcaster whose work remains unique and timeless. "Keep up the Good Work!"