Monday, February 19, 2007

Gestalt Therapy

[Episode 9] Today we're going to talk about the Gestalt therapy, which is part of the existential-phenomenological tradition. The Gestalt approach can be best summed up by the phrase, “the most important moment in a persons life is right now.” Gestalt is an experiential therapy that uses experiments and specific techniques to bring the client into the here and now. Through the experience of the here and now, the client is able to make contact with their environment. Contact is a fleeting experience, but it is during contact that we are in the here and now, and thus are in the process of self-actualizing. During the process of self-actualization we are able to make changes. In today's lecture I will will focus on some of the key concepts of Gestalt, the role of the therapist, the client’s experience and some of the innovative techniques attributed to Gestalt therapy. I’ll end with a brief discussion of the applications of Gestalt, the contributions and limitations of the approach.

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Unknown said...

The Podcast was so helpful. I was breaking my head trying to understand Gestalt therapy. The readings did not help. Thank you Mr. Singer. I am doing an assignment for my class where I have to ad a therapy model to facilitate a group of adult survivors of human sex trafficking. -Yvette Bravo-