Monday, May 28, 2007

Treatment of Pathological Gambling

Today's podcast is the second in our four-part series on pathological gambling. I talk with Jody Bechtold, LCSW, NCGC-II, PC about treatment basics for clinicians who work with pathological gamblers. We'll start with a quick overview of crisis intervention and then move into some of the assumptions and techniques of the treatments with the most empirical support in the treatment of pathological gamblers - behavior and cognitive therapy. We end with a brief overview of some challenges that can arise during the treatment of pathological gambling.

This interview targets practicing clinicians or students in clinical courses. If you are not familiar with the approaches discussed in this podcast, you can find more general overviews of crisis intervention, behavior therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy on the Social Work Podcast website. Disclaimer - this podcast is intended to be a general overview of treatment approaches, rather than a clinical training. If you are currently working with, or intend to work with people with gambling addiction, proper education and training is essential. In the fourth part of this series, Jody and I talk about some of the requirements for obtaining the NCGC-1 - the national certified gambling counselor certification. 

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This series on pathological gambling includes the following podcasts:
  1. What is Pathological Gambling? [11:43]
  2. Treatment of Pathological Gambling [27:00]
  3. Thinking Like a Pathological Gambler: Illusions of Control / Chance vs. Skill [8:54]
  4. How to Become a Nationally Certified Gambling Addictions Counselor [27:53]


APA (6th edition) reference for this podcast:

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Trish said...

I am interested in hosting an advanced treatment training for a panel of Socail Workers who provide treatment to Pathological Gamblers and their familites. If you have at least a Master's in Social Work and are interested in providing this training, please contact me at 313-967-5451 Thanks. Ms. Verrill

Unknown said...

The gambling addiction treatment will not work, if you are not controlling of this addiction, making excuses, or blaming others. Gambling is actually a game of money which harms either the gambler. Many of time it depends on the gamblers behavior.