Monday, July 30, 2007

Social Networking: Interview with Dr. Lambert Maguire

[Episode 21] In today's podcast, I speak with Dr. Lambert Maguire about social networks. Dr. Maguire discussed the development of his interest in the topic, as well as some historical context for understanding social networks. We discussed the theoretical assumptions and differential applications in research and clinical work. Dr. Maguire relates the traditional understanding of social networks to contemporary uses of "web 2.0" social networking sites such as We end out interview with a description of how social networks can be conceptualized throughout the life span.

Dr. Maguire's primary interests are in direct practice and the use of social support systems and networks in treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation. He has been the P.I. on NIMH grants for both research and training, and has experience as a researcher and practitioner in mental health and substance abuse. He is currently on the editorial board or serves as a reviewer for four journals. He teaches courses in direct practice, human behavior, groups, and advanced systems. Dr. Maguire is a member of the Society for Social Work and Research, the National Association of Social Workers, the Academy of Certified Social Workers, and the Council on Social Work Education, and has presented papers at over 30 national conferences. He has also served as a consultant to the National Institute of Mental Health and the Council on Social Work Education. He has chaired the direct practice concentration in the past and currently chairs the faculty search committee. His recent research interests are related to social systems and their relation to substance abuse.

Dr. Maguire has a joint doctorate in social work and psychology from the University of Michigan and received his master's degree in social work from the University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration. He has 25 years of practice experience with children, groups, families, and couples.

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Example of a Social Network Diagram (click to enlarge)


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