Monday, February 18, 2008

Phone Supervision (Part III): Interview with Jody Bechtold

[Episode 33] Today’s podcast is the last in a three part series on phone supervision. In Part I and Part II I spoke with Simon Feuerman and Melissa Groman about their experiences of providing phone supervision and consultation. In today’s interview I speak with Jody Bechtold about her experience receiving phone supervision as part of her process of becoming a Nationally Certified Gambling Counselor. We talked about the process she went through to find phone supervision, some of the pros and cons and likes and dislikes. Jody contrasted phone supervision with face-to-face supervision and talked about phone supervision etiquette.

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There were some interesting similarities and differences between Jody's comments on Phone Supervision and those of Simon and Melissa. Compared to the phone consultation provided by Simon and Melissa, Jody’s phone supervision was very structured and targeted. Still, her description of the experience of phone supervision, and the apparent benefits of phone supervision to provide a focused and convenient forum for developing advanced clinical skills, was nearly identical to the description provided by Simon and Melissa, despite the fact that Simon and Melissa are the providers and work almost exclusively with clinicians who are not working towards advanced clinical license. The most significant difference was that Jody advocated for a very structured format with required pre-session reading, whereas Simon and Melissa described a more process oriented group, one that is probably more appropriate for the types of clinicians with whom they work.

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