Monday, July 17, 2023

Social Work Pioneer

Hey there podcast listeners Jonathan here. I am humbled and honored to let you know that I have been selected as one of 25 Social Work Pioneers for starting the first podcast by and for social workers. The NASW Social Work Pioneers® program celebrates some of the most influential social workers in the nation. 

My bio on the Social Work Pioneers page:

There is no way I would have been considered for this prestigious honor had it not been for you, the long time devoted listeners of the social work podcast. You have welcomed me into your morning and evening commutes, bus rides to class, your workouts, and wherever you learn on the go. 

When I started the podcast in 2007, I hoped that a handful of social work students would find my summaries of practice theories useful. I handed out social work podcast bookmarks and gave workshops at social work conferences to let folks know what a podcast was. Fifteen years later, episodes have been assigned to hundreds of thousands of students and downloaded millions of times. There are now dozens of social work related podcasts all around the world, including Dave Niven's Social World Podcast from the UK. Mim Fox and Ben Joseph in Australia have been doing amazing work with co-construction of podcast episodes. And of course, Shimon Cohen's Doin the Work Podcast right here in the USA. 

I want to thank the folks who nominated and wrote letters of support including social work pioneer Linda Grobman, publisher of the New Social Worker magazine. Jennifer Luna, who you'll hear from in a forthcoming episode about building your social work brand and who interviewed me 14 years ago for the one-year anniversary of the Social Work Podcast. And Allan Barsky, social work professor at Florida international University whom I've had on the podcast several times talking about ethics and social work. To learn more about this year's inductees into the social work hall of fame, you can go to NASW's website or search NASW social work pioneers. 

Again, thank you for all of your support throughout the years. I'm truly honored. But don't think this means I'm going away. I have a bunch of really exciting episodes coming out this year. Thanks for listening.

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